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Life story of the Amur leopard family on Russia-1 TV channel

11 december 2014
“The Amur leopard. Struggle for the taiga throne” documentary was first shown on Russia 1 TV channel on December 10. WWF Russia experts were among the film creators.

According toVadim Vitovtsev, the filmmaker, “for me and for the whole crew this film has become the most complicated and ambitious project we have ever had. We have set the bar high: to make no less than the first feature documentary about the Amur leopard. We nurtured this film as a child.”

The documentary was made by the TV channel “My Planet” with the help of “The Amur Leopards” NGO. The film was shown within the frame of the festival hosted by the Russian Geographical Society.  

«We would not succeed in making this taiga saga showing the life of the rarest wild cats if we did not have Vasily Solkin, a camera man,  with his 20-years-long experience in filming documentaries about the Ussuri taiga, confesses Vadim Vitovtsev.

“And of course, our filming adventure definitely would have failed without the assistance of the Land of the Leopard National Park staff who showed us all secret trails of the main characters”, he adds.

It took the crew more than one year to make the film, eight trips from Moscow to Vladivostok, 40 spy camera traps, four camera crews, a hexacopter, and tens kilometers of the taiga travelled on foot.

«Besides conducting master-classes on how to film wild animals I had the most ungrateful task. The very moment Vadim’s creative phantasy ran wild I started finding faults with his fresh ideas, like “this is not true as it never happens this way among leopards. Well, I clipped his wings all day long, shareshis emotions Vasily Solkin, head of communication at WWF Russia Amur branch.

kittens of female Kedrovka, the heroine of the feature documentary
© Gennady Yusin / Land of the Leopard National Park