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We did not manage to avoid losses

08 april 2010
WWF experts and specialists of governmental nature conservation agencies acknowledged the fact of ungulates mortality in some districts of Primorye.

At the session of the Primorskii Province Interagency Commission on rare and endangered flora and fauna species death of wild ungulates in February-March 2010 in some areas of Primorye was discussed. Animals death was registered in the federal refuge «Leopardovyi» and state nature reserve «Lazovskii». Commission decided to do a research to estimate the level of mortality and its main causes for further correcting ungulates management methods. The work will be done by Primorskii Province Hunting Department, WWF-Russia, Federal Service for Supervision over Natural Resources Use, special inspection “Tiger”, «Kedrovya Pad» and «Lazovskii» state nature reserves, and hunting estates staff.