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The Altaiski State Nature Reserve will get 4 more visit-centers by November 2008!

18 april 2008
WWF Russia will finance the construction of the visit-center in Artybash village and three visit-points within the Teletskoe Lake basin

So together with the existing visit-center in Yailu village the Altaiski State Nature Reserve wiil get common network of the ecological visit-centers and visit-points. The main idea of the project is to show not only the reserve but also people who were close to nature during lifetime. It’s important to habituate the guests of the visit-centers with the amazing examples of living and work of the reserve’s staff, with the unique historical events, facts and related stories.

- We think it’s necessary to use historical facilities of the reserve in the design of new visit-centers, - says Svetlana Schigreva, head of the ecological education department. – It’s important to form a feeling of patriotism, respect and responsibility towards the reserve, its staff and their work besides the felling of wonder from nature.

Before 2007 the Altaiski State Nature Reserve had no visit-centers. But the unique Teletskoe Lake and the reserve itself always attracted too much tourists because of the advanced tourist inrfastructure near the reserve. Lately there is a tendency to the growth of the tourist flows: more than 20 thousands tourists visited the reserve in 2007! New visit-centers and visit-points will allow to attract at least 50 thousands ecological tourists.