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Премия рунета 2017

TEEB studying in Kamchatka

02 december 2013
Kamchatka may become the first region in Russia where an international initiative to draw attention to the benefits of biodiversity will be practically applied.

TEEB is an international initiative to draw attention to the benefits of biodiversity. It can help decision makers recognize, demonstrate, and, where appropriate, capture the values of ecosystems and biodiversity. TEEB however is not simply an economic valuation of ecosystems. One particularly significant aspect of TEEB is to highlight the importance of public goods and public values and ensure that these are fully accounted for in any analysis of land-use or wider resource use decisions. Work on TEEB was initiated in more than 30 countries all-over the world already. In Kamchatka, for instance, TEEB is well-suited to evaluate projects of mining industry and power engineering.


For further info: http://www.teebweb.org/