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Kamchatka discusses shelf project expansion

11 december 2007
Public hearings on the Project for exploratory drilling at the West Kamchatka shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk took place in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Sakhalin “Kamchatneftegaz” (KNG) Company presented for public the Project documents portfolio and illustrative posters on all project stages at the meeting with public that was held in the building of S.P.Krasheninnikov Regional Library. During the whole day experts were replying to various questions from ecologists, deputees and students of Kamchatka region.

Unfortunately a number of questions from public have not been answered, and it is simply impossible to study several thousand pages of complicated project document in just only one day, - says Anatoly Dekshtein, Marine Programme Coordinator of Kamchatka-Beringia WWF office. – Complete Project document shall be made available for all those interested for a longer term”.

Public hearings had the style of an “open doors meeting”, as determined by the company who organized this whole event.

Alexander Kalschikov, KNG Director for Drilling Operations, ensured the public that was concerned about liquid waste discharge to the marine environment that the Company will be operating in full compliance with the law. “All the legal requirements and obligations are being followed by our Company, which can be also verified by in the project documents”, - said the Company expert.

Simultaneously with the KNG Company representatives of environmental NGOs worked for entire day in the library, studying the project documents and making audio- and video-recording of the public hearings. As a result of the meeting the organizers got a list of questions, proposals and comments to the Project document developed by the Okhotsk region NGO Committee for conservation of West Kamchatka shelf.

The next Kamchatka community where public hearings on West Kamchatka Shelf Exploratory Drilling Project will be held is the Tigil’ settlement, located also directly at the Kamchatka coast.

Exploration for oil and gas reserves at West Kamchatka shelf will take several years, and drilling for first exploratory wells at the Kamchatka shelf is planned in summer 2008. For these purposes a Korean-made drilling platform «Doo Sung» will be transported to West Kamchatka . Prior to this the platform itself, that was built in 1984, shall be improved to the modern standards and re-equipped for operations in harsh conditions of the northern seas.