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Kamchatka fishermen put their best forward…

26 november 2008
WWF Russia organized tasting of meals made from fish that was caught and delivered to Moscow by the Kamchatka companies that are the candidates to be certified following International MSC Ecological Certification.

Fish-tasting party took place in one of the restaurants of Moscow within the frames of the 4th International Exhibition for Fish Industry Rybpromexpo-2008. Producing companies and those who are buying the fish products were present, as well as the representatives of the Russian State Agency on Fisheries.

Konstantin Zgurovsky, the Head of WWF Russia Marine Programme says: “Fishermen have to be interested in the long-term conservation of biological resources. To reach this, they have to get adequate compensation for their hard work. Everywhere in the world wild fish that is caught legally and in compliance with all fishing regulations, and which is of high-quality processing has a very special niche on the market. And in Russia it is often substituted by fish products that originate from fish farms operating at the coasts abroad. This is the main reason why we are planning to publish next year a Consumers’ Guide, that will briefly but clearly inform on the fish that people are buying: short species information, state of its’ resources, recommendations for consumers etc. Russian people shall be aware of what they eat and shall understand what has to be done so that our fish resources are not depleted.”