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Experience of PAs in European Part of Russia was shared with Altai - Sayan PAs

29 july 2011
In July PALP Program of WWF provided the managers of PAs from Krasnoyarskyi Region, Republics of Altai and Tuva with an opportunity to visit Kenozerskyi National Park

Kenozerskyi National Park located in European Part of Russia provides a great chance to meet an efficient sample of how protected areas combine wildlife conservation and empower local communities.

Managers of Kenozerskyi National Park consider that the replication of best management practices, cooperation with local communities and administration are the essential for daily work of Protected Areas.

Siberian PAs’ employees were glad to meet good samples of ecotourism initiatives such as eco-trails, local museums and folk festivals, master classes on ancient Russian crafts and traditional cuisine cafes in Kenozero area.

Elena Shatkovskaya, Kenozerskyi National Park Director says that it is important for Protected Area to become a uniting force and development center for communities in and the surrounding of their territories. She considers it crucial to provide the local people with a fishing node instead of fish, to raise pride for native land and willingness to be involved into conservation.

Participants in the old russian chapel
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Training on clay modelling
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