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A unique reserve requires a unique director

01 october 2012
In September, Tajik NGO managed to bring Nuritdin Saifulloev back to his position as director of Tigrovaya Balka nature reserve.

In 2011, he was replaced on the initiative of local authorities, possibly because of his tough stance against poaching.

WWF believes that the man who replaced Saifulloev in 2011 was environmentally incompetent, allowed grazing on reserve fields, and illegal logging for sale of wood on the reserve territory. Local NGO, including WWF representatives, managed to convey this information to the top officials of the Tajikistan government. As a result, Saifulloev returned to his position as director of the reserve.

 When Saifulloev first became director of Tigrovaya Balka, he immediately began to fight poaching in the reserve. These actions may have been disapproved by some of the local decision-makers. Saifulloev also participated in WWF project – restored saxaul trees, goitred gazelle population, organized cleaning of the reserve channels in order to restore the water regime and water flow to the lakes.

 “Saifulloev is an excellent forester. His saxaul plantings for the WWF project were very successful”, says Olga Pereladova, head of WWF program in Central Asia. “When he was director, there was order in the reserve, no trash, inspectors worked well, violations of the reserve regime decreased. And his enthusiasm matters a lot – during his first half a year of work he managed to visit every corner of the reserve. That’s why we’re so happy about his return and hope that under his surveillance project accomplishments will be maintained”.

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