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Komsomolsky Nature Reserve equips young ecologists with knowledge on forest fires

28 february 2014
Komsomolsky Nature Reserve and the ecological-biological center organized and conducted the environmental seminar “Let’s protect forests against fires” at the base of a secondary school of Komsomols-na-Amure.

Young ecologists and leaders of the city kids’ environmental groups were among the seminar’s participants. The students presented a short lection on forest fire prevention: the meaning of the forest, causes and forest fires impact, methods for fires detection and suppression. Collection of banners prepared by the Reserve’s staff by the start of fire season served as visual materials for the seminar.  

The presentation of an educational program “Battle with the fire” worked out by the Reserve's staff became the main event of the seminar.  

«Winter is a proper season to start preparation for the fire season as it is much easier to prevent fires than to combat them, notes Ekaterina Kondratieva, deputy director on environmental education of the Komsomolsky Nature Reserve. We have been working on this program for two years. Now we are ready to share our experience and the electronic version of the program with other Reserves, teachers and other interested organizations».

«What is important in the program is that we receive the needed information not form a teacher or a presenter but in an interactive way. Thus, it is easier to remember all the facts about forest fires. Besides, the program is very emotional, it has eye-catching pictures and animation», comments of the teachers.   


«Battle with the Fire» CD cover
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