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Protected Areas - For a living Planet Programme of WWF summs up the results of three months

23 may 2011
Providing capacity building oportunities for protected areas in Altai - Sayan is one of the key targets of the Programme

Interregional Conference for Regional Protected Areas Experts was supported by MAVA Foundation within the WWF Programme “Protected Areas – For a Living Planet!” in Altai – Sayan Ecoregion. The directors, educators and administrators of Protected Areas of regional subordinate gathered to share the experience and ideas how to survive and stay efficient for nature conservation. Finance, legal frameworks, capacity building were the top issues to discuss. The workbook (guidelines) for newly established Directorates of Protected Areas was prepared by the experts of the Directorate of protected Areas of Krasnoyarsk Region and published by WWF.

Khakasskyi Nature Reserve can be made a management example for the PAs of ASER. Five-year Management Plan and Action Plan for 2011 – 2015 developed with WWF “PA4LP” Programme support. Both documents were approved by the Nature Reserve’s staff and the Ministry of Nature Resources of Russian Federation. The proposal for obtaining the status of UNESCO World Nature heritage Object is prepared.

The perspectives for further sustainable management of Altaiskyi Nature Reserve are secured through development of 5-year Optimization Plan within “PA4LP” Programme of WWF. Programme of alternative energy sources included into the Plan will contribute to the efficient saving of energy expenses.

The analysis of existing Protected Areas System is completed for Republic of Altai by “PA4LP” WWF Programme. Proposal for Development Plan up to 2020 are offered by the experts. Provided that the proposed PAs are all established the total area covered by PAs will make up for 31.3 % of Republic and the number of PAs will grow up to 96.

10-year Concept of Management and Development of the Regional Protected Areas System of Tuva is prepared with WWF “PA4LP” Programme support. Five year Action Plan for Regional Protected areas Development and Management prepared and submitted to the Government of Tuva.

Altai – Sayan.com is a website of the Association of Protected Areas of Altai – Sayan Ecoregion and an effective communication tool of news and information sharing. WWF Programme “PA4LP” helped to update and redesign the website’s content for better navigation and interface.

Interregional Conference for Regional Protected Areas Experts
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