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A young tigress was injured and died under the passenger bus

24 january 2007
An Amur tiger was killed in a road accident in the Russian Far East, reports WWF. The tiger was knocked down by a local passenger bus at 22:30 on February, 23.

After the clash, the bus with 10 passengers drove down into a ditch at the side of the road and overturned not far from the injured tiger.

The communication with close local villages was not available. However, one of the passengers managed to get out of the bus and inform about the police and local administration about the accident. At once, information about the injured tiger was reported to Rosprirodnadzor, Russian environmental watchdog, and Tiger Inspection. Police officers and rangers came to the place of accident immediately.

The tiger with serious injuries was alive for two hours after the accident. It lay growling, unable to leave the place. When the police arrived, the driver of the bus said that the tiger had been silent for 10 minutes already and did not show any signs of life. In order to avoid any danger to people’s lives, the tiger was shot in the head. The examination showed it was a young tigress not more than 3 years old.

A female passenger was also injured in the accident. She was taken to hospital with a broken hand. All other passengers were taken to a railway station to leave by train. The tigress' body was delivered to Lazovskii Nature Reserve for further examination and investigation, and for the museum collection.

According to the Tiger Inspection,  this is the first case when a bus knocks down a tiger in an agricultural area with a poor prey base.

Pavel Fomenko, Biodiversity Conservation Program Coordinator comments:

The young tigress has probably recently left its mother tiger and was choosing its own territory. According to the latest census data, there are about 450 Amur tigers in Primorye and Khabarovsk regions. Every one of them is important and valuable for  biodiversity, and especially a female tiger, which can give birth to cubs in the future. It's a tragedy that we lost the animal.