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The buffer zone is established around Sokhondinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve, Zabaikalsky Province

09 april 2013
On April 3, 2013, Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Premier, signed a Decree #490-r on establishment of buffer zone of Sokhondinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve, which was projected with participation of WWF Russia.

«Sokhondinsky Nature Reserve and Onon-Balj National Park meets each other just on the border between Russia and Mongolia. The buffer zone of Sokhondinsky Nature Reserves (318050 ha) is the last piece in the system of nature protected areas for the future Russian-Mongolian trans boundary nature reserve “The Sources of the Amur River”, comments Dr. Yury Darman, Director of Amur branch, WWF Russia. The Order of Russian Government is already signed for preparation of such Agreement (№323-r, 9 March 2013), so in the nearest future we can expect an official launch of Russian-Mongolian transboundary nature reserve “The Sources of the Amur River”.

The planned nature reserve will cover 950 thousands ha. It will include Sokondinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve (210988 ha, established in 1973) with provincial wildlife refuge “Gornaya Step” (5273 ha) and new buffers zone (318050 ha). On Mongolia side, the Onon-Balj National Park was established in 2000 on the square of 415700 ha. The new buffer zone forms a corridor along the Russian-Mongolia border for 115 km, allowing free movement for Mongolia gazelle and Daurian bastard, brown bears and red deer. This unique territory will protect 12 mammal species, 33 bird species and 25 fish species enlisted in the Red Data book.

 «The staff of nature reserve investigated the territory, elaborated the scientific backgrounds, and ensure concordances on all levels, says Viktor Yashnov, the director of Sokhondinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve, the Honorable Environmentalist of Mongolia.  Since 2005, Sokhondinsky Nature Reserve and Onon-Balj National Park has been conducting joint research expeditions, international exhibits and student summer camps, publishing leaflets and pictorial books. Everything has been done to ensure creation of Russian –Mongolia transboundary nature reserve “The Sources of the Amur River” – a dream of my life!”