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Korean Pine Day on the Land of the Leopard

20 may 2013
Korean Pine Day organized on May 18 with the support of WWF helps Land of the Leopard National Park to enlarge the ranks of supporters.

Over 100 kids and grown-ups have planted Korean pine seedlings in the southwestern Primorye, the only place on Earth where the Amur leopard still exists.

On this day 5 000 young Korean pines were planted in the Land of the Leopard, 15 000 in Dalnerechensky district in the north Primorye, and 10 000 will be planted in Ussuriisky district.

This time volunteers from Vladivostok high schools, journalists, first persons of the district administration, ecological kids patrols from five local schools, staff of the National Park took part in the holiday.

A professional forester, one of the employers of the Park, gave a thorough instruction how to do the job in a right way before the participants take the instruments, put on the gloves and dash into the forest.

The idea to hold the Korean Pine Day emerged in November 2010 when the Korean pine was included into the List of tree species banned for logging which was a long awaited and remarkable event in the history of forest protection in Russia.    

«We have been planting trees for the third time already and we are happy to host ones of the old guard and the newcomers, addressed the participants Evgeny Lepyoshkin, head of the forest program at WWF Russia Amur branch. Korean Pine Day is a wonderful opportunity to realize that there is something important everybody can do to help tigers and leopards».