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Argali Illegal Hunting in Tuva still Goes On ...

18 march 2011
At the end of January Mongolian border guards fixed the case of poaching Altai argali in the buffer zone of Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina Nature Reserve.

On January, 30 the Mongolian border guards heard the sound of shooting on the Russian part of state border. Later the flock of 14 argali moved to the territory of Mongolia from Russian side. It was obvious that two female sheep were injured by bullets and later one of them died from gunshot wounds. Mongolian border guards immediately informed frontier post in Russia.

It is not the first case of poaching argali registered in this part of buffer zone. Neither strict regime of the reserve nor stricter border zone regime and road near by frighten poachers. In June 2010 the remains of 5 argali were found here by WWF experts along with spent rifle cartridges. Later on WWF as well as Altaiskyi Nature Reserve addressed to police on illegal harvest of argali however no official response is still received.

At the moment the investigation of both cases is in charge of Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina Nature Reserve and police force under surveillance of public prosecution body of Republic of Tuva.

Argali population size in Western Tuva is so little that intense poaching might bring to disappearance of argali in Tuva. At the moment not more than 20 – 40 argali inhabit Mongun-Taiga mountain massif and Ak – Adir Ridge near Mongolian border (Tuva Republic).

The remains of argali found in summer
© WWF Russia / S. Spitsyn
Argali was shot form this spot
© WWF Russia / S. Spitsyn
The findings of the patrol group
© WWF Russia / S. Spitsyn