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New strategy will help save leopard more effectively

06 september 2011
Experts and leading specialists from scientific and nongovernmental organizations including WWF have finished the draft of the Strategy for the Amur leopard conservation in Russia.

Its first version looked like a list of urgent steps needed to save leopard from complete extinction. The newly developed document is a long-term program of well coordinated actions of different structures and organizations keen to restore stable population of the rare cat.

First Strategy for the Amur leopard conservation in Russia was developed and approved in 1998. So far, its main positions generally fulfilled. Over the recent years, structure and administration of governmental agencies responsible for wildlife protection and nature use have been reformed, legal basis for nature use has significantly changed as well as socio-economical situation in southern Primorye. So, it has become urgent to elaborate a new strategy. Therefore, WWF took the initiative in editing and publication of this governmental document.

The draft of the Strategy is based on the latest data on leopard’s biology and ecology, up-to-date experience in protection of the predator and its habitat. The document includes a list of changes needed to be done in the Russian environmental law. Besides, the publication describes modern methodic of leopard number census and research of its ecology; at that, some of them are regarded as advanced.

“Today, much in leopard conservation is being radically changed. The creation of Land of Leopard National Park is underway, new scientific projects appear, a dream for leopard restoring in southern Sikhote-Alin can easily come true, Eurasia Center for Leopard Research, Conservation, and Restoration has been established, - comments Yurii Darman, head of WWF-Russia Amur branch. - And under these new conditions we are in need of a strategic document designed to coordinate all these activities, subject them to one consistent strategic logic”.

The Draft was prepared by specialist of Biology and Soil Institute and the Pacific Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Science, WWF-Russia and the Moscow Zoo by order of the Chairman of the Government.

The Draft has been sent to the Ministry of Nature Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation for approval.

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