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Премия рунета 2017

New beginnings in the New Year

06 february 2014
Children from WWF Friends Clubs are planning to continue their regular environmental activity and also began to conquer new horizons in this year.

They presents their plans for 2014 year and  it is very important, that they are trying to use more interesting and interactive forms in their work, for example environment events and dates from ecological calendar.

The first environmental holiday in the year «Day of national parks» guys from “Green Patrol' (Kyzyl, Tuva Republic) celebrate with presentations on protected areas of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion and interesting ecological quiz.  And 27th of January it was Tuvan national holiday “Shagaa” - New Year by the lunar calendar. During the celebration children learned about the traditions and customs of this holiday, national games and tradition food.

Club «Ayuchak» (Gorno-Altaisk, Altai Republic) took an active part in regional and local activities. For example Alain Mayer – one of the most active person in club won the city competition »Student of the Year «, where she present her environmental project. Website of the club was represented at the Republican contest »Computer galaxy' and took second place.

Club «Prirodograd» (Barnaul, Altaiskiy kray) released their first wall newspaper, and share about their work: visit of friends from WWF club «Hope», a trip to a shelter for homeless animals, meeting with famous radio-DJs. And they have already begun preparations for the spring actions «Earth Hour », «March of Parks », «Plant your cedar!»

In January the club «Blue Bird» (Kyzyl, Tyva Republic) held at the Center for Russian Culture in Tyva Republic exhibition of drawings and posters on environmental thematic.  During the holiday season more than 1000 visitors were able to see the best of children’s masterpiece

Active beginning of the year is a great reason to expect a lot of bright environmental activities including: environmental games, themed activities for kindergarten children, evening tourist songs in the fireplace, environmental festivals, volunteer projects and much more. But we will not reveal all the cards at once, and will continue to monitor the activities of WWF Friends Clubs in Altai-Sayan ecoregion, sure that they will surprise and inspire us. Wish them good luck and creative mood!

WallPaper of WWF Friends Club
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