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New refuge for Mongolian Gazelle

28 november 2011
Long-lasting efforts of the Daursky Nature Reserve, WWF and UNDP/GEF on creating a new refuge Dolina Zerenov (“The Valley of Zerens”) in Zabaikalie have proved to be a success.

Covering 213 838 hectares the new refuge is regarded as an emergency to ensure free migration of the Mongolian gazelle between Russia and Mongolia. Dolina Zerenov will become an important landmark in the history of the Sino-Russian-Mongolian Nature Reserve Daursky.

“During three and a half years, staff of the Reserve together with rangers of hunting supervision bodies and border guards has been trying to do their best in protecting zerens in the territory of the planned refuge, comments Vadim Kirilyuk, deputy head of the Reserve.

“We have failed to save from poachers’ bullets all gazelles. But it is important that dzerens have not become extinct. Moreover, the gazelles have come back to the lands that were “inhabited by their ancestors” 40-50 years ago, adds Vadim Kirilyuk.

Creation of the refuge will allow consolidating success of the Daursky Nature Reserve in its efforts to restore the Mongolian gazelle population in Zabaikalie and will enable to protect all steppe animals of Dauriya.

Fawn of Mongolian gazelle
© Vadim Kiriliuk / WWF Russia