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Journalists' competition in Altai

06 march 2014
WWF Russia with the participation of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Altai Territory Valery I. Huminski has summed up competition for journalists.

The theme of competition was Wildlife Conservation in Altaiskiy kray, which includes sub-themes about rare species of plants and animals, poaching, protected areas, the work of the authorities and NGOs in the field. As you could know,  the Altai-Sayan is one of the 200 ecological regions of the planet, which, according to WWF, are the most important to conserve the biodiversity of wildlife in the Earth.

«Conservation of fragile natural ecosystems should be supported by locals. Therefore, we are paying so much attention to work with the local media. - says Polina Zhbanova Coordinator of PAs programme,  WWF Russia. - The theme of ecology in the eyes of editors is often secondary. It is important to encourage and support journalists who help us to tell about protecting the environment».

For the competition materials were presented in three categories: «Newspapers and Magazines”, Newspapers and Magazines” and »Radio'. The jury consisted of experts and press-officers from WWF Russia, journalists form federal media (RIA “Novosti”, Gazeta.ru).

The winners were:


“Newspapers and Magazines”

1 place: Natalia Kiseleva

2 place: Tatiana Trufanova

3 place: Elena Barsukova

Special group nomination: Sergey Malikhin, Elena Panfilo, Ivan Bykhanov


1 place: Alexander Zel, Ilia Alymov

2 place: Vasiliy Morozov, Mikhali Bednarzhevskiy

3 place:Margarita Belova, Nikolai Shirko


1 place and special nomination Maria Rudakova

All winners received monetary awards.

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