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Премия рунета 2017

Game resource users saving wild ungulates

27 february 2009
Wild ungulates are still surviving critical weather conditions in the north Primorye. Under existing circumstances, work of hunting supervision staff and assistance from WWF and WCS, provided to hunting estates for anim

Snow that fell in January has become a serious obstacle for ungulates in Primorye. Following low temperatures and precipitations have worsened this situation. In the north of Primorye snow level remains high, up to 1 meter, with dense structure. The fact that for sika deer and roe deer snow level higher than 40 centimeters is extreme, the animals can access only non-nutritious tree branches and die due to malnutrition or hypothermia.

“We regret to say that ungulates die, - comments Sergei Aramilev, coordinator of biodiversity conservation program at WWF-Russia, Amur branch. – Hunters and other warm-hearted people do everything possible to save them. We have managed to allocate some funds to reimburse their expenditures. We assist mobile operative groups of hunting supervision authorities that are on duty in the disaster area on regular basis. The amount of money is insufficient so we continue to raise additional funds”.

Six game resource users have already received funds allocated by the Reserve Fund formed by WWF and WCS in January to prevent high mortality of ungulates in Primorye. Applications of other hunting estates are being considered.

Nowadays, in Terneyskii district of Primorye, the area most affected by heavy snowfall in Terneiskoe and Tyrga hunting estates, main roads have been blocked. In the area of all large springs twigs were cut to feed animals. In Sidatun hinting estate hunters used all personal snow mobiles to make 350 kilometers of temporary winter roads.

During one raid hunting supervision staff confiscated 9 roe deer animals – says Sergei Aramilev – There is already one case of death of rare predator – a tiger cub was killed not far from Samarga settlement.

To halt poaching the Dept of hunting supervision of Primorskii Province regularly sends mobile groups to the northern areas. They work in shifts and control the situation on the spot. WWF Russia asks Primorye residents to be merciful to suffering animals and give them a chance to survive.