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Премия рунета 2017

New episode of the «Spotted family-2» is available!

20 may 2014
Online series about the life of the Amur leopard family – the rarest large cat on the planet, continue and are now available online. This is a joint project of the Land of the Leopard National Park and WWF Russia.

You can watch the first episode of the “Spotted family-2” right now on the web-site of the National Park and on the Call of the Taiga channel.

The previous 70+ hours of video recorded with camera traps showed how heroic mother raised three her cubs, defended them from multiple enemies and taught them to hunt.

“We lost sight of the spotted family at the end of the fall. It was hardly the right time for that. We saw the smallest and the weakest kitten hurt his forepaw and we did not know how serious the injure was”, notes Vasily Solkin, head of public relations department of WWF Russia Amur branch, producer.

Director of the Land of the Leopard National Park Andrey Borodin acknowledges that he looks forward to seeing the new episodes of the “Spotted family” with hesitation. “Despite being directly involved in the movie creation as one of the Park’s staff each episode discloses something new about the life of the Amur leopard even to experts. We follow lives of Kedrovka and her kittens with trembling. Birth of three kittens at one time is a unique case; this leaves us a hope that everything goes fine for them”, says Andrey Borodin.

The new season begins with the cold winter coming to the Land of the Leopard. It is the hardest and toughest time for all inhabitants of taiga. It is even more so for a large family. The easy and abundant catch – clumsy badgers and short-legged raccoon dogs hibernate in their deep burrows and the spotted cat cannot get them. The only catch available for the leopard at this time is ungulates: sika deer and roe deer. These quick-legged and eared animals do not yield voluntary and run away at the slightest alarm.

Following the genre rules, the first episode of the new season brings two pieces of news to the fans: a good one and a bad one. However, seeing once is better than hearing twice…. Enjoy watching it!

To be continued every Tuedsay...

Kedrovka female is one of the main characters of the film
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