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Fire on the south border of «Kedrovaya Pad» nature reserve

29 march 2011
Two days in a row the staff of «Kedrovaya Pad» nature reserve along with volunteers are heroically struggling against the forest fire on the protected territory - the Land of Leopard.

According to Andrey Fereferov, the coordinator of leopard conservation projects of WWF-Russia Amur branch, the fire started on the afternoon of March 28th in the west of Perevoznoye settlement, most likely the fire was set intentionally. In some areas the fire was more than 2 meters high and was spreading very fast over the dry grass.

By 6 p.m. the area of fire had covered more than 10 square kilometers. Three mobile brigades started off for the site and were trying to fight the fire till late night using fire blowers and setting backfire.

On March 29th, the WWF's fire fighting vehicle was involved in fire fighting activity.

By noon of 29th the fire on the territory of “Kedrovaya Pad” nature reserve was eliminated.

Let's add to this, on March 28th another local fire was registered in Bamburovsky military polygon located on the territory of “Leopardovy” wildlife refuge. The mobile team of military officers equipped with fire blowers,  provided by WWF, liquidated the fire on time.

These two cases demonstrate that this spring on the Land of Leopard is expected to be hot.

Location of the fire hot spots. Data from the web-service, specially launched by WWF and Transparent World to monitor fire situation on the Land of Leopard http://gis.transparentworld.ru/primorie-fire/
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