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The Russian government recognizes the contribution of the ecologist Yury Darman to nature conservation.

24 september 2013
Credit where credit is due: Yury Darman, the head of WWF Russia Amur branch has been awarded the government title «Distinguished Ecologist of the Russian Federation»

This happy news was sent to the Far East via a telegram from Sergey Donskoy, the Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation: “Dear Yury! Allow me to congratulate you on the awarding of the title “Distinguished ecologist of the Russian Federation”! I wish you strong health, happiness, prosperity and further success in your work.”

Vladimir Miklushevsky, the Governor of Primorsky Province congratulated Yury Darman on his state award: “This award is recognition of your commitment to protection of the nature of Primorsky Province, its unique wildlife such as Far Eastern leopard and Amur tiger. Your efforts  are an example of outstanding dedication and passion for your life’s work.” - stressed out the head of the Province.

It is worth noting that after Igor Chestin, director of WWF Russia, Yury Darman has become the second employee of WWF Russia, honored with this high award by Presidential Decree in the last half a year. These awards speak of how highly the government appreciates the contribution of the NGO to nature conservation in Russia, values many years of hard work, devotion to duty and leadership skills of WWF leaders in Moscow and in the Russian Far East.

For 35 years Yury Darman’s working career has been connected with nature conservation in the Amur River Basin. A professional biologist, PhD in biology, he has devoted himself to the creation of a network of protected areas and rare species protection, first in Amurskaya Province, than across all the territory of the southern Russian Far East.

Chosen in 2001 as a head of WWF Russia Amur branch, Yury Darman succeeded in uniting isolated nature conservation projects into one Amur Ecoregional Programme, across the territory of 5 provinces of the Russian Federation and supported by public organizations, leading scientists and regional authorities. Thanks to this Programme, a half billion rubles of foreign nature conservation investments were brought to Russia, and allocated to support existing protected areas and to create new ones, for scientific research and monitoring of rare wildlife species, for ecological education and public awareness.

Thanks to long Yury’s efforts the overall area of protected territories in the southern Russian Far East has increased by 4,6 million hectares after the establishment of more than 60 new PAs. With his direct participation several PAs were created like Norsky Nature Reserve, Land of the Leopard National Park, two federal and nine regional wildlife refuges. Under Yury’s leadership a new approach to conservation in the intact forests of the Bikin River has been developed and supported within the framework of the Russian-German Climate Initiative became.

His work towards development of the PAs system in the Far East has been recognized on the international level: in 2012, IUCN honoured Yury Darman with the Fred Packard Award for outstanding services and commitment to the enhancement of protected areas.

Being a co-chairman of the Scientific-Public Committee on Sustainable Development in the Amur River Basin, head of the Public Council at Rosprirodnadzor of the Russian Far Eastern Federal District, and chair of the Working Group on Rare Big Mammals at Primorsky Province Administration Yury effectively coordinates cooperation between governmental organizations and NGOs while advocating the interests of nature at different levels.

Colleagues and friends congratulate Yury on his well deserved award – “Distinguished ecologist of the Russian Federation!”

Yury Darman: 35 years of nature conservation of the Amur River Basin
© Frank Moerschel / WWF
In 2009 Yury Darman introduces WWF visitor center «Land of Leopard» to Yury Trutnev, that time Nature Resources Minister of the Russian Federation
© 86160
21 September, 2013. Yury Darman at the Leopard Festival in the Land of Leopard (southwest of Primorsky Province)
© Svetlana Titova / WWF Russia