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Nature takes the lead in restoring the Valley of the Geysers

08 june 2007
Valley of the Geysers - Kamchatka, Russia. At about 8 pm on June 7 Kamchatka time, the water reached the top of the damn which formed on the Geyser River after a mudslide on June 3. The water went over the top of the damn, immediately taking over a meter of mud and debris off the top, and the level of the lake dropped by 5 meters. Over the next two hours, the water continued to decline, and geysers in the famous Valley of the Geysers began to reappear.

The «Vodopadnaya»and «Shel» geysers reappeared, spewing water and steam skyward with all their formal zeal. The famous wall of geysers «Vitrazh» (stained-glass window) re-appeared completely. As of the latest info, one of the valley's most beautiful geysers, Malachite Grotto was also reemerging from the waters.

The breach in the dam was expected by scientists, as well as the subsiding water. Likely a thermal lake of moderate size will still remain behind the dam, but the main attractions of the valley will be re-exposed, particularly in areas where the popular nature trail once lay.

These events testify to the fact that it is not necessary to take aggressive measures to restore the Valley. Nature will heal its own wounds and come to life once again.