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Nature parks “Ergaki” and “Uch Enmek” became the winners of the WWF contest among Altai-Sayan regional protected areas!
Премия рунета 2017

Nature parks “Ergaki” and “Uch Enmek” became the winners of the WWF contest among Altai-Sayan regional protected areas!

28 october 2008
The contest was held within the “Protected Areas for a Living Planet” project related to the “Development of the protected areas – community cooperation” theme. Two winners have got $14000 each!

During the contest the particular attention was paid to the fact of engaging the local communities and administrations for realization of the projects by protected areas and to improvement of local ecological, economical and social situation as a result of the project. Four proposals participated in the contest: three from the nature parks of the Republic of Altai and one from Krasnoyarsk territory. As a result two winners were determined – the “Ergaki” and “Uch Enmek” nature parks.

Within the received grant the “Ergaki” nature park will realize a project “Traditions of the Siberian trapping” oriented to the establishment and further development of the local hunters’ community based on the traditional wildlife management which allows combining the trapping and the ecological tourism. The trappers get the opportunity to increase their income not due to the number of hunted sables and squirrels but due to the ecological tours. Besides an ecological path with the total length of 4 km will be equipped in the park. Along it there will be set gypsum tracks of animals and birds and wooden traps for the demonstration of the humane hunt methods.

The nature park “Uch Enmek” has offered a “Lake – the territory of cooperation” project oriented to the creation of the infrastructure for the ecological tourism development. It is planned to build a cordon at the Argem lake, to settle an ecological path with the total length of 1,5 km, to fit out 10 places for the tents,11 awnings for tourists and 3 porta-potties. Besides it’s supposed to close the access road to the lake that allows to minimize the possibilities of the oil pollution. And the project provides an upgrading of ritual places for worship to the spirits of the lake and mountains.