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Премия рунета 2017

Kids from WWF Kids Club “Irbis” studied the Mountain Shoria

20 july 2009
The research expedition in the Shorskiy National Park examined the ecological path “Chernevaya taiga” founded by WWF Kids Club “Irbis” 6 years ago

The expedition started in Kemerovo, passed Tashtagol, Ust’-Kabyrza and Karchit villages and finished near the Azasskaya cave. This itinerary let the young explorers to see the tall grasses (the altitude of herbs reached 3 meters!), to look at the young aspen forest appeared on the territory of old cutting areas, to admire the taiga from the bird’s eye view and to have a rest under its’ canopy.

The Azasskaya cave with a spring coming up through the rocks left a lasting impression. And the Mrassu River delighted not only by its’ cleanest cold water but also by the marvelously beautiful calciferous rocks.

During the expedition the kids collected information for 7 research works (the cenopopulation study, productivity and morphologic mobility of plants, fauna and biology of some groups of insects).

The most cheerful part of the expedition were everyday games and competitions where its’ participants could show all their talents – power, dexterity, memory, erudition, nature knowledge etc. Kids did a lot of useful things for nature, knew a lot of interesting people and just had a great rest.