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Russian travellers visited the UNESCO World Nature Heritage site in the Altai mountains

04 august 2008
Press-conference of the adventure expedition “West – East” initiators was held in Krasnoyarsk with the participation of WWF

The travellers arrived in Krasnoyarsk on 1st August. Before this they had a rest in Barnaul (Altaiskiy region) for a week after visiting the reserved Ukok plateau. It took almost two weeks to get the high-mountain plateau on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan but their efforts were rewarded.

- I’m sure that everyone of those people who visited Ukok with us will tell friends and knowns about this trip and show magnificent photos and altogether we will approach for one step to the osmose of millennial culture and for two steps – to its saving, - says Alexander Permyakov, the organizer of the expedition.

A serious danger threatens the Ukok plateau today – the construction of the pipeline to China. WWF Russia has been offering to “Gasprom” company to conduct joint benchmarks of different routes of the pipeline for a long time but we still have no answer.

This February the initiators of the “West – East” expedition have associated to the WWF campaign on saving the Ukok – the travellers are going to attract public’s attention to the impendence of the disappearing of this unique natural site. The expedition started on 24th June from Saint-Petersburg, then arrived to Moscow where it’s organizers became WWF’s members. And on 5th July the travellers set out to the Ukok plateau from Barnaul. In this wonderful place far from the civilization they viewed picturesque intermountain hollows, Scythian burial mounds, cave drawings and made the acquaintance of rich and diverse nature of the plateau. The photos of this unique nature park, UNESCO World Nature Heritage site taken during this trip will be presented at the exhibitions in 8 Russian cities and published in the “National Geographic” magazine and the documentary done at the plateau will be shown by the “Teletravellings” channel.

- We hope that people of Russia will support our Living Ukok campaign because only being together we will be able to save Ukok! – says Ekaterina Lukonina, WWF Altai-Sayan Communication Officer.