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Премия рунета 2017

Bioresources conservation is important part of national security

07 may 2015
The first research and practice interacademic conference on bioresources conservation was held at the Judicial Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vladivostok with the Amur Tiger Center and WWF support

The Institute’s graduates will be working in the Amur Ecoregion and it is very important that they have knowledge and skills to expertly investigate crimes against wildlife. One of the possible ways to provide the students with a thorough tuition could be a creation of a specialized center on nature protection at the Institute. Similar centers have been already created with the support of WWF; among them are the training and education center at the Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy, a Study Room on Wildness Survival Skills and Nature Protection at the Training Center of the Frontier Service, and a Laboratory for the animals medical examination at the Agriculture Academy.   

Bioresources conservation is a common task both for law enforcement agencies and NGOs
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