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Премия рунета 2017

A fellow tribesman of the world-famous Dersu Uzala shares his knowledge

22 july 2008

WWF-Russia in cooperation with Frontier Service at the Russian Federation Federal Security Service for Primorskii Province have started a series of trainings for frontier guards aimed to teach them how to survive in the wild and give practical skills of scouting.

Vasilii Dunkai, a leader of the Scouts School based in the aboriginal village of Krasnyi Yar, professional hunter, eagerly agreed to pass on his unique traditional field experience to frontier guards to raise the effectiveness of protective measures in the border between Russia and China.

Three days trainings were conducted both indoors and outdoors, right in the harsh conditions in the wild. Outfit, field clothing, skills how to chose and organize overnight stay, how to minimize and avoid possible conflicts between men and tiger and leopards, how to identify signs of humans and animals life activity – this is an incomplete list of topics covered during the training.

Pavel Fomenko, the WWF biodiversity conservation coordinator, comments: “Section of the unique Far Eastern forest in the southwest Primorye behind frontier engineering facilities where nearly half of the Amur leopard population roam is under complete control of frontier troops. Thus, they are responsible for conservation of the rarest cat in this territory. I do hope that the lessons learnt will help soldiers to protect Russian valuable biological resources.”