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Премия рунета 2017

WWF’s Kids Clubs of the Altai Republic held a joint meeting

26 june 2009
Members of WWF Kids Club “Rubicon” (the Katunskiy State Nature Zapovednik) received guests from WWF Kids Club “Aiuchak” (the Altaiskiy State Nature Zapovednik)

Meeting was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere: kids intercommunicated and participated together in different ecological activities.

The first day was spent at the central office of the Katunskiy Zapovednik: children made presentations about their activities, shared experience and discussed plans for the future.

The next day the young friends of nature went off on a journey to the Uimonskaya Valley where they knew a lot of interesting things from geography and history of the Republic of Altai. The most interesting events were two visits to the museum of Old Belief and to the open-air museum of Nikolai Rerikh in the old village of Verh-Uimon.

The last day was dedicated to the landmarks and nature monuments of the Ust’-Koksa district – “Katunskaya strelka” and Koksinskaya groves where kids collected garbage from riversides of Katun’ and Koksa. Unfortunately, members of WWF Kids Club “Aiuchak” couldn’t visit the territory of the Katunskiy Zapovednik because of the bad weather. But it’s decided that the trip will take place the next year.