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Премия рунета 2017

“Silver” Taiga area in Republic of Tuva is a favorable place for snow leopard

07 december 2011
In October-December camera-trap survey of snow leopard population was for the first time tested for the area of Mongun-Taiga in Tuva by Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina Nature Reserve and WWF.

Three different individuals of a rare cat were spotted in the area as a results of track survey and some photos were taken by camera – traps. It is a striking prove of suitability of the place for snow leopard population as no sign of a snow leopard has been registered here until 2012. It is clear now that Mongun-Taiga Mountain is inhabited at least by three or four individuals.

Camera – traps monitoring in Mongun – Taiga is intended to serve for diminishing wildlife – human conflict caused by the herders who tend to shoot a snow leopard as a revenge for cattle loss. Getting the exact information of a habitat range for every single rare cat and the images of them will help involving the locals into conservation by inspiring them to develop ecotourism initiatives for wildlife – lovers from all over the world. Moreover the images of a real snow leopards caught in Tuva will be an attractive part of “Adopt a snow leopard” fundraising programme for Russian business.

Siberian ibex caught by photo-trap
© Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina Nature Reserve
Mongun-Taiga, the severe habitat of snow leopard in Tuva
© A. Kuksin