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Customs officers of the Altai-Sayans learn to fight against poaching

20 june 2008
WWF Russia and TRAFFIC Europe-Russia organized a one-day training seminar for the customs station staff in Tashanta village (Republic of Altai) on prevention of illegal wildlife flora and fauna species trade

Tashanta customs station is located on the very borderline with Mongolia. Famous Chuiskiy tract goes through this station and leads from the capital of Republic of Altai Gorno-Altaisk to Mongolia and China. There are always a lot of cars, cargos and people there. As one of the biggest through-passages of the region this road can become a way for the transportation of illegally hunted wildlife flora and fauna species. That’s why it is so important to teach the customs station staff to prevent the attempts of illegally hunted wild species transit through the border.

The workshop was held directly at the customs station rooms and was visited by 10 members of the Tashanta customs and 2 representatives of operational department from the senior customs station in Kosh-Agach village. The following questions were discussed during the workshop:

  • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and resulted international commitments of Russia
  • The goals of the customs posts in prevention of the wildlife species contraband
  • Controlling methods of transportation of wild species and their derivatives through the border
  • Revelation methods of concealed transportation of wild species
  • Processual arrests, expertises and exemptions of unduly transported wildlife species
  • Special work methods in detection and identification of alive animals transported through the border

- For the first time the seminar was organized directly at the working place of the customs station staff, - says Alexei Vaisman, TRAFFIC Europe-Russia coordinator. – This experiment turned out to be successful: “native walls” contributed to the creation of working and at the same time informal atmosphere. As a result there was no another boring lecture of expert invitee but a vivid and active discussion of most important questions among all the participants.