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Tiger cubs moved to another “flat”

09 april 2010
Tiger cubs with human names Tanya and Volodya nursed with WWF funds were transported from temporary enclosure of the special inspection “Tiger” into more spacious one in the village of Gaivoron.

These young animals were found last December near a road in a remote part of Primorye. People brought them to a temporary enclose in the village of Razdolnoe. Lots of efforts required to save lives of starving cubs. By now, the quarantine has been finished and the cubs were transported to a more comfortable enclosure. From now on, Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution that runs in Primorye a project on the Amur tiger research will take responsibility over the young tigers.

“WWF and its supporters have helped to foster the cubs. But we note once again that due to the lack of a state-run rehabilitation center it is in fact impossible to release orphaned cubs into the wild without possible future risks for both tigers and humans,” – comments Sergei Aramilev, biodiversity conservation coordinator at WWF-Russia’s Amur branch.