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Премия рунета 2017

The tragedy in northern Primorye

24 november 2014
The tiger conflict resolution group of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province is inspecting the area and searching for a tiger that attacked a man in the north of Primorye.

The remains of a 75-year-old hunter were found in the forest within 80 kilometers from Melnichnoye village of Krasnoarmeisky district of Primorsky Province. Tiger tracks were found next to the body.

“The snow that fell after the tragedy makes the investigation more difficult. After the examination of the site, we can only confirm that tiger really attacked the man and did partially eat its victim. It is not yet clear what was the exact reason for such behavior of the animal, whether the tiger was wounded or had other injuries - comments Pavel Fomenko, Species Program coordinator of WWF-Russia Amur branch.

According to local hunters there are two more tigers living in this area, which makes it hard for the experts to identify which one of them is responsible for the accident.

Let’s recall that Amur tiger (unlike its southern “cousins”) attacks humans in very rare cases. Brown and Himalayan bears are way more dangerous for humans than are tigers. Just recently a brown bear attacked a resident of Barabash village in Khasansky district. And two conflict tigers which were caught in November in Khabarovsky Province near the town of Vyazemskoye, ate dogs not causing harm to people. The statistics shows that 90% of tiger-human conflicts are provoked by humans, and not necessarily by the person who was the victim of the attack. For example, once in Bikin area a tiger wounded by a poacher attacked a different man and killed him.

Taking into account the importance to ensure safety of the citizens, WWF provides technical support and field equipment for the tiger conflict resolution group of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province.

“We express our condolences to the relatives of the victim. He was a professional hunter and we knew him well. The loss is irreplaceable. WWF is closely monitoring the situation, - says Pavel Fomenko. - It was decided to extract the tiger from the wild, and I hope that the examination of the animal may provide additional information about the tragedy.” 

The Amur tiger
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