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Премия рунета 2017

Central Expert Criminalistics Customs Department celebrates a jubilee

19 april 2013
On April 16, the Central Expert Criminalistics Customs Department reached the age of 20! WWF Russia joins the congratulations.

«Russian enforcement services seize hundreds of wild animals’ parts and plans including those enlisted in the Red Data Book of Russia, notes Sergei Aramilev, biodiversity conservation projects coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch, PhD. It is very important to catch a trespasser and prove his guilt. Only then the unavoidability of punishment will force people to give up the criminal business.  Experts play a key role in the exposure of guilty persons.  Fair court judgments depend on their professional knowledge and knowledge».

«Today the Central Expert Criminalistics Customs Department is manned with qualified experts who have proved their skills in practice. Thanks to their efforts the volumes of timber, wildlife products are decreasing which means that their harvest volumes are going down too».

WWF Russia has been cooperating with different enforcement and governmental nature protection agencies of the Russian Far East for 18 years. The organizations join their efforts in conducting zoological and merchandising expertise of the seized flora and fauna species and derivates. The major part of such expertise is done at the request of the Federal Customs Service.

«Our partnership with the Central Expert Criminalistics Customs Department was started more than 15 years ago. At that time in Vladivostok there were no specialists qualified in identification and assessment of rare animals and plants seized on the border. We had to do the major part of the expertise ourselves, comments Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation projects coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch. Therefore, we decided to develop training materials and curricular, publish procedural instructions. As a result we are not alone in the expertise field any longer. Right away we are engaged only in very complicated cases. The role of the Department in prevention of timber and wildlife products can hardly be overestimated».

WWF Russia has presented the Department with a series of thematic posters and specimens of derivates.