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Sredneussuriisky Wildlife Refuge will get WWF Friends Clubs

17 december 2013
Let us create WWF Friends Clubs was the slogan of a role play organized by Dalnerechensky District Department on Education in cooperation with WWF in the village of Vedenka on December 14.

Not for the first time public awareness activities on nature conservation are being conducted in the district.

“Kids are very sensitive towards the things they love. We have tried to get them closer to the native nature and the Refuge’s inhabitants. It was very important for us to rouse inside them the thoughts that the future of their homeland is in their hands, infect them with eagerness to do something useful for the Refuge, - notes Anna Barma, protected areas projects coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch. I hope that the role play will give rise to creation of ecological clubs at the district schools and Ussuriisky Wildlife Refuge will get real friends.”

For four hours 12 school teams were trying on different roles like experts on the Amur tiger, on the Oriental stork, specialists on protected areas, local residents, foresters, teachers, Refuge friends. The kids were trained how to differ tiger prints, how to erect artificial poles for stork nests, how to use air pump, GPS, walkie-talkie. Also they have learnt the Refuge’s regulations and got acquainted with the measures needed to be done for its protection.

participants of the role play
© Anna Barma / WWF
Comparing prints of tigers and dogs
© Anna Barma / WWF