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Премия рунета 2017

Three scientists from the USA conducted a series of lectures at Kamchatka State Technical University (KSTU)

03 april 2015
For the third year in a row, WWF-Russia has helped KSTU organize a workshop seminar, conducted by foreign scientists.

These spring events have already become a tradition and are highly anticipated by KSTU faculty and students, as well as many local scientists and policy makers. 

Two scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle and a professor from the University of Alaska Fairbanks visited Kamchatka this year. The three-day seminar was entitled “Salmon and the Environment: preparing for the challenges of climate change and regional development”. The seminar addressed the issues of ecology in general and also geo-thermal energy, climate change, volcanic activity, salmon genetics, and salmon ecosystem valuation, in particular. 

Daniel Schindler, PhD, specializes in salmon ecology. He shared information on the importance of genetic diversity in salmon stocks, as well as the influence of climate change on salmon habitats and consequences of mining operation near spawning grounds. 

Sergey Rabotyagov, PhD, on contrary, tried to unite ecologic value and economic value for the goal of reaching mutual prosperity. He is assured that market principles work in nature as well. Nature provides people with services. If human activity impacts the environment, the influence must be calculated correctly. In order to calculate ecosystem service values, Sergey Rabotyagov suggested using free and open source special software designed for these kind of purposes. 

Another speaker, John Eichelberger, PhD, has more than 40-years of experience in volcanology. He provided listeners with the general information on geothermal energy recourses of Kamchatka. In his lectures John Eichelberger discussed the influence of volcanic activity on the life of salmon. 

The lectures were attended by more than a hundred listeners on the first day – and the next two days were just as popular!

© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak
John Eichelberger, PhD
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak
Daniel Schindler, Phd
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak
Sergey Rabotyagov, PhD
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak