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The unique lake Mogilnoe needs special protection

03 july 2007
Joint scientific expedition of WWF and St.Petersburg State University will try to solve the riddle of the famous triple-layer Mogilnoe Lake in the Russian north and protect it from human impact.

The main aim of the expedition is to prepare a document basis for the protected nature area creation. Mogilnoe Lake has already received the status of a federal nature monument. However, WWF experts are sure that it’s not enough. It’s necessary to extend regime for all nearest area, including Kildinsky channel.

The unique Mogilnoe lake consists of three layers. Upper layer is fresh. The dippiest layer is poisoned by hydrogen sulfide. Marine plants and animals live in the salty and oxygen satiated middle layer. During the evolution process, new unique species have appeared in the lake, which is cut off from the sea.

Today the island is uninhabited", says Oleg Sutkaitis, Project Coordinator of Barents Sea Ecoregional office WWF-Russia . There are no protection activities, only a few frontier guards’ poaching raids. But lack of state and public control over the lake is very dangerous! That’s why it’s necessary to create a protected nature area here”.

Scientists have been trying to figure out Mogilnoe phenomena for more then 200 years, since 1804.