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Премия рунета 2017

The Russian part of the Amur ecoregion joined the celebration of the first World Fish Migration Day

28 may 2014
The Amur River and its inhabitants became the heroes of the World Fish Migration Day in 5 provinces of the Amur River Basin - a new holiday, initiated by WWF and celebrated around the world on May 24.

“Salmon Boy” performance based on the fairy tale of Victor Kvashin, local Vladivostok writer and the employee of the Institute of Marine Biology Museum, is one of the components of the educational program «Salmon is the fish of the world» developed by staff of the Aquarium of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences for children audience under the project “Development of Russian- American partnership to protect the salmon”.  79 students of 4th and 2nd grades from Vladivostok school №28 and their teachers came to see this performance. Despite the fact that there are restrictions for the number of participants, «Salmon Boy» interactive play sparked an interest among the audience and almost all schoolchildren were actively involved in the process with pleasure. Teachers also watched with interest what is happening and gave their positive comments about the interactive play.

Cleanup campaign to clean the coast of Bykovka River, Amur Protoka, Sosnensky creek in the villages of Bychikha, Osinovaya Rechka, Kazakevichevo of Khabarovsky Province
© Bolshekhekhtsirsky Nature Reserve
Svetlana Titova, Protected Areas project coordinator at WWF Russia Amur Branch, at the press conference in Vladivostok thanked all the partners for their efforts in preserving the Amur River free flowing.
© WWF Russia
Fish Festival in Blagoveschensk
© AmurSoES
Yana Kurbatova and Nastya Ivanova - the winners of the poster contest “Blue way to the spawning grounds”
© Sokhondinsky Nature Reserve
Interactive game «Salmon boy»
© Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve
More than 200 students and schoolchildren from Khabarovsk cleaned the coast of Amur creek removing the wastes brought by river waters during last year's floods
© Pan-Russian Society for Nature Conservation