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First Forest Audit Check Up in Amurskaya Province.

26 february 2008
“Tyndales” timber company has become the first enterprise in Amurskaya Province having passed through the audit check-up under the standards of forest certification system, which is actively supported by WWF.

“It should be noted that audit company had principally came up to the evaluation of “Tyndales” activity. FSC certificate that enterprise receives according to check-up results, in fact became 5 year free pass to ecologically sensitive markets”, - comments Roman Kurakin, Forest Certification coordinator at the Amur branch of WWF Russia.

In the course of audit check-up along with successful achievements, the shortcomings were also revealed, and it would take some time fixing them. In this connection, the auditors suggested conducting additional check-up to control the implementation and fulfillment of all main FSC requirements.

“After checking up the enterprise activity, we can be sure, that the “Tyndales” managers will make all necessary corrections and receive the FSC certificate, - considers Roman Kurakin.

At present, more than 92 million hectares of forest lands in the world are certified under FSC standards, including Russia – 19,88 million hectares.

“When “Tyndales” receives the certificate, Russia has all chances to become the world leader in FSC certified forests”, - notes Roman Kurakin.