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Премия рунета 2017

Kids from WWF Kids Friends’ Club “Rubicon” entered the “Green patrol”

17 april 2009

Kids took part in the round-table dedicated to the condition of regional natural monuments in the Ust’-Koksa district of the Altai Republic. They prepared a presentation about amazing natural monuments – Kedrovaya, Katunskaya strelka (arrow) and Koksinskaya groves; Big and Small Gromotukha Rivers. These places are very popular among local people but there aren’t any banners that indicate the protected status of the monuments and a lot of visitors don’t understand the natural value of these places. There are no places for the fires and no garbage cans in the groves, no compliance control over the environmental law. It creates additional problems: the territory of the monuments is much littered, the soil landscape is being destroyed by cars, the fires are being made everywhere etc.

The Katunskiy Biosphere Zapovednik’s personnel and kids from WWF Kids Friends’ Club “Rubicon” offered an idea of creating the ecological movement “Green patrol” to attract local communities to this problem. Within the “Green patrol” are the rangers of the Katunskiy Zapovednik, kids from “Rubicon”, representatives of local police and local Cossack community.