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Three New Protected Areas Were Created In Murmansk Region

07 november 2013
With WWF support the nature complex “Hyam-stream”, “Kluchevoe swamp of Tury Peninsula” and “Irin-gora” in the south of the Murmansk region got the status of nature monuments

“Long time work has come to the final point. About twenty years the question of “Irin-Gora” was under consideration and development, - says Oleg Sutkaitis, the Head of WWF-Russia Barents Office, - We are very pleased that the Government of the Murmansk region is implementing the Nature protected area scheme.”

“Hyam-stream” is located along the coast of the creek bed to the border Tury cape area of the Kandalaksha reserve. At this area there are rare endangered plants, including five species listed in the Red Data Book of Russia. “Kluchevoe swamp of Tury Peninsula”  is a plot in the Tersky region, covering an area of ​​226 hectares. It has several outputs of keys on water surface. “Irin-gora” is a big nature complex in Kandalaksha region. It consists of Irinozero lake, Ivanova Gora and Gora Vincha mountains. It is a unique object, attractive for tourists, one of the largest habitats of the Cypripedium calceolus (species listed in the Red Data Book of Russia).

'It is possible to arrange watching of the rare plant and show people the purpose to establish regime as well as to protect these species”  , - commented Victor Petrov, the Chairman of the Kola Biodiversity Center.

Since October 28, 2013 all activities that present threat to the objects will be limited and the boundaries will be marked with warning and information signs.

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Sypripedium Calceolus
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