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Vasily Solkin WWF Russia staff awarded with the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation

05 may 2014
The Presidential Decree of 20.04.2014 N 253 acknowledges his outstanding achievements in the humanitarian sphere, social activities and significant contribution to the socioeconomic development of Russia.

Vasily began his work in Primorye as a military journalist in the Navy Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation. Then he became a staff of the Pacific Institute of Geography and got the opportunity to join the team of «pioneers» mastering methods of capturing live tigers and leopards for the radio tracking project. Then he decided to combine two professions and created a small media holding “Zov Taigi” (“Call of the Taiga”), which for twenty years produces the same-name magazine (now in electronic format) and documentaries about wildlife, which won many awards at all-Russian and international film festivals. However, these scales seemed too small for Vasily and he joined the ranks of WWF Russia, where he headed the Public Relations Department.

“I did not create anything alone, notes Vasily Solkin. Whatever I was doing in my life: whether putting first radio collars on the first leopards captured by the Pacific Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, or shooting documentaries with nature documentary studio “Zov Taigi”, or participating in the creation of “Land of the Leopard” National Park in the ranks of WWF Russia Amur branch team - all were exceptionally team “sports”. So there is no reason to think that it is myself alone who has got the high governmental award. Everyone who worked with me hand in hand deserves it and I thank everyone”.

Saving the Amur leopard, the rarest cat on the planet, is the purpose of Vasily’s life. Therefore, only one of seven documentaries about this animal is dedicated to the leopard itself while all the rest are calling to save it. “The Spotted Family-2” documentary series is coming soon. The release is planned for the middle of May.

The Order of Honor is a state order of the Russian Federation established by Presidential Decree № 442 of March 2, 1994 to recognize high achievements in government, economic, scientific, sociocultural, public, sport and charitable spheres.

Vasily Solkin
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