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Young Amur Tigress Deadly Wounded by Heavy-Duty Car

20 april 2009
A wounded tiger was found on a highway near the bridge across the Narva River which is in the territory of Leopardovyi wildlife refuge.

 When people approached the accident place the young female was still alive. Supposedly, the animal was knocked down by a heavy-duty car. The tiger was immobilized and transported to the Ussuriiskii Agricultural Academy to be consulted by vets. Medical examination showed that the tigress has got fatal injuries of a spine and other organs. The decision was made to put the animal away.

“According to preliminary data the heavy-duty has knocked the tiger down deliberately though this fact should be further investigated. The driver’s deed should be considered a real crime,” - comments Sergei Aramilev, biodiversity conservation program at WWF-Russia’s Amur branch.

“The place of the accident is one the main crossings from Kedrovaya Pad nature reserve to Leopardovyi wildlife refuge for rare predators – the Amur leopard and Amur tiger. It is sad to admit that similar tragedy could have happened any time. Intensive development of southwestern Primorye, building a modern highway and lack of crossings for wild animals so far has resulted in such a tragedy. On the initiative of WWF and other environmental organizations, a tunnel for cars is planned to be build on this very place. Its construction will allow keeping intact the forest above the tunnel that secure safety “corridor” for animals. The tragedy should give us another lesson and confirm the necessity of the tunnel and its soonest construction. – adds Aramilev.