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Culprits will be subjected to criminal sanctions for cutting down over 60 Korean pines

15 january 2015
Primorye. Russian Far East.WWF warns: Korean pine cones are better to collect from the growing trees and not from the cut ones.

A person can be sentenced to seven-year imprisonment, fined and claimed for compensation of damage for cutting a “bread-giving” tree of the taiga.

Previous fall pleased the Primorsky Province citizens with very rich crop of Korean pine cones. Old and young rushed into the taiga to pick up cones under the trees. Even today, in winter, the cones are still falling from the pines providing the locals with nourishing nuts. 

But there are some savages who break all written and unwritten laws paying no attention to the ban for cutting Korean pines. In November 2014 in the north of Primorye an illegal logging site was revealed with over 60 Korean pines cut down. Two suspects, citizens of the city of Dalnerechensk aged 28 and 17, confessed in cutting these trees within two weeks. They admitted they knew about the ban but nevertheless cut the trees to harvest the nuts. The cost of nuts turned to be very high. The damage to the Russian forests was estimated at 928 000 rubles (14 000 USD). A criminal case has been initiated.

According to Anatoly Kabanets, forest projects coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch, noted, «We are shocked that the crime is committed by people living in a forest district of Primorye. After all, if the trees were alive their sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons would collect nuts. It takes long 40-50 years for the Korean pine to start bearing fruit».

Anatoly adds, «In general 90% of the cases when culprits are not caught right on the spot the criminal cases are left unsolved. But this is the very rare case which proves that it is feasible to investigate such crimes if there is a strong wish and concerned people».

© Elena Starostina / WWF Russia