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Премия рунета 2017

Public gathering in defense of the Bikin river took place in Krasny Yar village.

23 june 2011
288 citizens of Krasny Yar appealed to the government of the Russian Federation and to all citizens of Primorsky province to support them in an urgent issue: saving the last massif of intact Ussury taiga on Earth.

On June 20th, the public gathering took place in Krasny Yar. It was attended by 288 dwellers of this national village.

The letter of appeal to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, and to the Governor of Primorsky Province Sergey Darkin was accepted unanimously. It states:

“The gathering draws your attention to the fact that the areas, where JSC «Les Export» is going to conduct timber harvesting are the largest intact pine and broadleaved forests in the world and are the part of natural object “The Bikin river valley”, which was included into Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage in 19.11.2010 on the basis of the application submitted by the Russian government.

Since 2009, one of the largest tiger conservation projects “Mitigate impacts of climate change through the protection of large scale virgin forests in the Bikin area” is being implemented here. This project was presented at the International Tiger Conservation Forum in St. Petersburg on 21-24.11.2010.

In accordance with the “Tiger conservation strategy of the Russian Federation” the creation of new Federal Protected Area is planned on this territory along with preservation of traditional nature use.

The unique cultural, social and scientific significance of this territory on the global scale was stated many times by both Russian and international nature conservation and scientific organizations.

By the decision of the gathering we appeal to you to take urgent measures to recall the proposal on Lease Agreement for timber harvesting on this territory and prevent such practices in future”.

The inhabitants of another village - Verkhniy Pereval – had collected 350 signatures under the similar letter of appeal:

“It is amazing, that people from different countries all over the world come here to admire the beauty of the “Russian Amazon”. Are we so accustomed to this beauty, that we’re ready to stay blind to the current situation? What will remain to us local people after the wood is swept off right in the heart of the Bikin? What will be left for humanity? Three-layered parquet as a World Heritage?” – they write.

“For more than twenty years nature conservation society was constantly struggling side by side with indigenous people to save the tiger home – “Russian Amazon”. Its time to demonstrate the political will and make Bikin intact once and forever, - says the director of WWF Russia Amur branch Yury Darman. – I call those who are not indifferent, the society of our and foreign countries to sign the letter of appeal to support local dwellers of Bikin and save the largest massif of pine-broadleaved forest in the world.”

Let's save the largest massif of pine-broadleaved forest in the world
© Eugene Lepeshkin / WWF Russia