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The authorities of the Kazakh Altai stand for the cooperation with WWF

12 november 2008
WWF Russia “Protected Areas for a Living Planet” project and the Akimat of the Kurchumskyi district of the East-Kazakh area signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

This year WWF has started the implementation of the “Protected Areas for a Living Planet” project in the Kazakh part of the Altai-Sayan ecoregion. Kazakh Altai is the frontier mountain system of South Siberia extruded by the foothills into the dry steppes and semi-deserts of Kazakhstan. Its feature is in the unique landscapes: from deserts and semi-deserts of the foothills of Altai to the woodlands and mountain taiga forests in the middle hills and to the mountain meadows and nivals of the highlands. Within the Kazakh Altai there are ranges of rare animal species – the snow leopard and mountain sheep argali. Besides there are woodlands of valuable coniferous species – fir trees, cedars, larch trees. The outstanding natural monuments among which are the Belukha Mountain, the Kokkol’ waterfall, the Markakol’ Lake and important cultural and historical places like Berel’skie old tombs and Northern Golden Branch of the Great Silk Road are the starting points for the future sustainable development of the region.

Within the Memorandum of Cooperation between the WWF and the Akimat (government) the following activities will be conducted jointly:

  • activities on the study and conservation of the rare and endangered species of the region
  • sharing experience meetings on the development of alternative economical activities for the local people
  • trainings for the local people and other related persons
  • ecological activities for the children of the region

In the nearest future a similar Memorandum will be signed with the Akimat of the Katon-Karagai district that allows embracing with the conservational activities the core areas of the Kazakh Altai.