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The whole ecoregion for the one planet: Earth Hour in Russian part of ASER

16 april 2014
World campaign «Earth Hour 2014 », held March 29, joined thousands of people and organizations in the Altai- Sayan region . Action was carried out in the region for the sixth time. More than one hundred companies, NGOs,


Traditionally the campaign was supported by the local and regional administrations of 6 territories:  Krasnoyarsk kray, Altai Republic, Altaiskiy kray, Khakassia Republic, Kemerovskaya oblast and Tyva Republic. The most active were companies from city of Barnaul, they turn off the lightning on more than 200 buildings including factories and shopping centers.

Ride a bike!

On this day, more than 130 fans of «green» transport  ride through the streets of the regional capitals.  Barnaul took part in this action in the second time, Krasnoyarsk - the first time . “Cycling in Russia is only begun to develop, and such actions - a great opportunity to show bicycle as an environmentally friendly transport, as well as draw the attention to the problem of the safety riding on the city’s roads.  Unfortunately, not everybody use lights and reflective elements “ - shared Maria Bystrova - organizer of the action in Krasnoyarsk.

A prize for a battery!

People from Krasnoyarsk were invited to change used batteries for souvenirs with Earth Horus’s logo. The campaign was held for the second year and just in 3 hours organizations managed to collect about 10,000 batteries. Average family brought 10-12 batteries, but there were some cases when people gave big jar and buckets full of batteries! And it’s very nice that citizens are worry about battery’s utilization. All batteries were transmitted to the special company for the further utilization.

60 + Gorno-Altaisk!

Children from WWF Friends Clubs «Ayuchak » and « WonderLake» support the Earth Hour with the action on the central square of the Gorno –Altaisk city . They made traditional symbol «60 +» with the candles and sang songs about nature. All participants and passers were this evening in a great mood.

 With the whole world!

“It’s  always pleased that so many peoples are taking part in this uniting ecological action all over the world.  Thanks to support this event becomes brighter, bigger and more interesting. Earth Hour begins not with only with countries, cities and villages, it starts with the soul of every person. Let's make our planet a better place together!” – says Natalia Antamanova, program’s coordinator of WWF office in Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.

The Earth Hour in Krasnoyarsk
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