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World Fish Migration Day in the Russian part of the Amur ecoregion: connecting fish, rivers and people

21 may 2014
Russia joins the first World Fish Migration Day to be celebrated on May 24th 2014 in many countries with the support of WWF and other environmental organizations.

On the Russian banks of the Amur River thousands of people will support the idea of connecting the rivers, people and fish for a living Planet on the World Fish Migration Day.

Blagoveshensk city. The Amur Socio-Ecological Union and «Bars» student nature protection brigade will organize Fish Festival on the central water front of the Amur River in Blagoveshensk city. Students in costumes and masks designed in the form of fish will take part in the Fish Parade.

Zeya. The staff of Zeisky Nature Reserve will host a children's competition «In the Realm of Fish». The event will be attended by representatives of the Water Resource Management Agency (Amurrybvod), Directorate of Protected Areas and schoolteachers of Zeya city. Six school teams will play role games answering quiz questions and gaining knowledge about migratory fish.

Arkhara district. Amurskaya Province. Khingansky Nature Reserve together with schoolchildren and students of the agricultural college of Arkhara village will organize a clean coast action to clean banks of the lakes.

Fevralsk. Norsky Nature Reserve will hold the «Amazing fish of Amur» quiz for schoolchildren.

Khabarovsk. The Pan-Russian Conservation Society and WWF Russia Amur branch will conduct clean coast action to clean the bank of the Amur River from garbage, and will celebrate Fish Day on the central waterfront of the Amur River. Excursion will be organized in the Museum Amur Fish as well.

Bolshekhekhtsirsky Nature Reserve organizes the «Amazing Amur Fish» contest of drawings and scientific works and excursions to the Museum of Amur fish.

Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Komsomolsky Nature Reserve together with «NEI» student nature protection brigade will hold «Salmon Festival» in Komsomolsky district of Khabarovsky province, the play «Salmon Boy» will be performed at schools.

Troitskoye.Anyuiskiy National Park will hold educational programs «Migratory fish of Amur» and excursions to Anyuiskiy fish hatchery. It will organize informative and entertaining program «Fish Migration Day» at the Nanai Culture and ethnography Center.

Ussuriisk. Primorsky Province. The student nature protection brigade “Tis” will hold the marathon «Fish of the Amur basin» for schoolchildren. Children will play role games, take part in quizzes and answer interesting questions.

Vladivostok. WWF Russia Amur branch organizes a press conference with the participation of the Primorsky Aquarium of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. All events of the World Fish Migration Day in Amur ecoregion will be highlighted at the press conference.

At the «Heritage» archaeological and ethnographic complex, the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve will hold a children's program about the tales and legends of indigenous peoples of the Far East «Narration of granny Singli», the role play «Salmon travels to spawning grounds», and will send a message to the people on behalf of the Pacific salmon.

The Primorsky Aquarium Research and Education Center will show a play “Salmon Boy”. During the play children will engage viewers in theatrical performance, turn into salmon, and learn to overcome the obstacles that stand on the way of these fish to spawning grounds.

China and Mongolia will join the World Fish Migration Day celebration next year. 

Map of the Amur River Basin
© WWF Russia
World Fish Migration Day
© WWF Russia
Paricipants of the workshop «Salmon without rivers - rivers without salmon» in thr city of Birobidzhan, Evreiskaya Province
© WWF Russia / Bastak Nature Reserve
Excursions to the Amur Fish Museum in Khabarovsk
© WWF Russia / Bolshekhekhtsyrsky Nature Reserve
Excursions at the Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve Museum «Life and death of the Pacific salmon»
© WWF Russia / Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve