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To prevent poaching in Altai and Kamchatka WWF-Russia and Citi Foundation will send five million rubles

03 april 2014
Citi foundation and WWF-Russia announced that the joint project will go on.

Citi foundation has been working together with WWF-Russia for several years by now. Cooperation is aimed at small, ecologically oriented business development in remote regions of Altai and Kamchatka. At those parts of Russia poaching has become a source of subsistence for many families.

From April 2014 more than 200 first-time businessmen from Altai and Kamchatka will get about five million rubles. Those small operations should help save nature and fight down poaching.

In Altai jobless rate is sometimes 90%, - says Alexander Bondarev, the head of WWF-Russia’s Altai-Sayan ecoregional office. –Without a job, people get involved in poaching and illegal wild animal trade. We are sure, that this project will help solve some of the major problems, will help people from local communities get a stable source of income”.

More than a thousand people became involved in the joint project. Some of them got financial support, others took part in numerous workshops, and the rest became employees at the newly established operations.

In Kamchatka we have our own peculiarities, - says Sergey Rafanov, the head of WWF-Russia’s Kamchatka ecoregional office. – In Altai, people receive micro-credits, but in Kamchatka the representatives of local communities get irretrievable micro-grants. Also, according to the terms of the project, the entrepreneurs who produce and sell non-timber forest food products will receive the support. Their operations must be set on environmentally sound base.

The project started in 2011. It has to ensure financial stability for local communities, help them find regional and country-wide retailers. The main goal of the project is to change the poaching situation and give people legal sources of revenue.


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