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New European Union quotas are bad for Cod

19 december 2007
EU Fisheries Ministerial Commission for the first time since 2002 agreed upon significant increase of Cod fishing quotas in EU waters for 2008 based on early signs of stock recovery.

Ministers have conceded an 11 per cent increase of quota for North Sea cod (about 22,000 tonnes).

«Such rapid reaction to the first symptoms of the species population recovery is extremely risky, - said Carel Drijver, the Head of Oceans and Coasts Programme of WWF The Netherlands. – We are especially concerned because young Cod is a substantial part of bycatch during all types of bottom fishing. Additional increase in quotas for catching of adult Cod without simultaneous decisions on bycatch reduction leave little chance for survival of the entire North Sea Cod population».

«This is a classical example of the case when decision-makers lobbied by the unwise fishermen neglect science-based recommendations for preservation of marine biological resources, - states Konstantin Zgurovsky, Head of WWF Russia Marine Programme. – Though the decline in the North Sea Cod population that is likely to be the result of European Fisheries Commission decision does not directly influence the interests of Russia, the following developments can also pose threat to the Barents Sea Cod stocks, and lead to increased fishing there both legally and illegally. WWF steadily acts for sustainable use and conservation of marine biological resources worldwide; these resources become more and more important trans-nationally just in the same way the markets are becoming more globalized and inter-related».